Annika Bäckström is an art director, designer and illustrator. Currently working at Creuna (previously Digital FansThe Brewery  and Great Works). Member of Stockholm lettering Club.
She shares her passion for music with the world when dj:ing and she has a former life as a rock ‘n’ roll drummer (and blogger)
She loves cats, coffee and costume make up
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Words about Annika:

Joakim Håhl,
former boss :
Annika and I worked together at The Brewery. She did a very good job designing web-sites, apps and digital campaigns for us. She has a keen sense on visuals with the ability to quickly draw out icons and illustrations. She was a useful member of the team.

Ingrid Sydow, Creative Director:
Annika is a unique talent, creative to her fingertips. A strong illustrator and designer with a penchant for art and craft. Annika can turn anything (I mean anything) into something beautiful.

Jonte Edwardson, Skateboarding Interaction Designer:
It's not often that you meet someone like Annika. She's very talented with broad design skills, from wonderful illustrations to functional GUIs. Her passion and creativity is a true source of inspiration!

Tim Taelman, UX-designer
Annika is great to work with! She could transform my boring UX wireframes into attractive site layouts. But she was even greater with illustrations or other more creative projects. I will be a bit jealous on the next company that will have her.