A celebration of democracy
The Swedish Parliament is commemorating and celebrating democracy from 2018 until 2022.
On the website www.firademokratin.se there are information about the history and information about events and happenings connected to the celebration. 

Physical to digital dioramas
Physical dioramas were made in Gamla Stan, Stockholm, to show different aspects of how our democracy came to be. To make a similar experience avaliable for people who are not able to see the physical ones we made these digital dioramas on three different topics (in swedish): Folkrörelserna, Kampen, De första kvinnorna. 
Visit them all here​​​​​​​
How it was made
Like a physical diorama, images were placed in a 3d environment to get the right feeling. The old photos used were cut up (above each row of old men is a different layer) and carefully edited to create depth.
Art Direction, design and illustration
My role included designing the dioramas according to the concept and the highlighted stories, scanning through databases to find photographies, adapt and edit them when needed. I did the illustrations for the diorama "Folkrörelserna" and I designed the UI. 
(in swedish)
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